Do Laundry the Smart Way

Our state-of-the art facility has doors that automatically open, allowing you to come and go easily with full hands. All of our machines are run by smart cards, so you never have to worry about having enough quarters.

We're known for our friendly staff and an impeccably clean facility. While doing your laundry, you can relax outside on the patio or inside a pleasant atmosphere complete with a hand-painted mural of a serene seascape, and free WiFi.

Come see what we're all about. We look forward to serving you.

Award-Winning: The Mattapoisett Laundromat has been voted the most beautiful Laundromat in the country by Coin-Op Magazine. Open seven days a week from 7AM-10PM with 24-hour access to qualified customers.

Dry Cleaning Drop-Off 7 Days a Week, 7AM - 10PM
Bush Cleaners uses advanced, environmentally friendly methods. We provide the convenience!

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24-Hour Access

Register your Laundry Card with us for 24-hour access. Wash and dry any day, any time!

Auto-Open Doors

Customers love the way our front door opens automatically. Bring in as much as you can carry - you won't have any struggles with the door! Just press the big square button with an elbow on your way to the door.

Bright, Clean & Comfortable

Enjoy our spacious, bright and clean laundry room. It's cozy in the winter and refreshingly air-conditioned in the summer. The hand-painted mural is one reason Coin Op Magazine voted us the most beautiful laundromat in the country.

Laundry Card Instead of Coins

Gone are the days when a trip to the laundromat meant gathering all your quarters. Load up your Mattapoisett Laundromat Laundry Card using either cash or a credit card. All our washers and dryers accept the Laundry Card! All you need is $1 in cash to get started.

You can register your Laundry Card for 24-hour access. Ask us how!

Big Washers and High-Efficiency Dryers

Get your laundry done faster with our enormous big-load washers - they can handle up to 75 pounds at once! Our giant dryers can dry up to 50 pounds of clothes at once.


Relax on our spacious and quiet outdoor patio. Read, enjoy our free WiFi, or just gaze at the forest and landscaping.

Free WiFi

Keep up with your friends or stay entertained while your laundry washes and dries with our free WiFi service. It's fast and super-easy to use.

Big Bright Parking Lot

You'll find plenty of parking in our big, brightly-lit parking lot.

Coin Laundry Association

Mattapoisett Laundromat is a member of the Coin Laundry Association, a network of laundry owners, distributors and manufacturers.

Friendly Staff & Outstanding Services

We provide an outstanding wash, dry and fold drop-off service with 1-day turnaround. To make your life that much easier, we offer pickup and delivery service from area homes, businesses, wharves and boatyards.